AA Euro Recruitment Poland

How did your career in the AA Euro Group begin?

My career with AA Euro Recruitment started in January 2010. I was a supervisor of workers on the finishing of a motorway project.

Why did AA Euro Recruitment Group decide to open a branch in Poland?

AA Euro Recruitment were approached by 2 leading Irish companies in 2010 and asked if we would be interested in recruiting and employing workers for the construction of motorways in Poland. After careful consideration by the owners it was decided that we would give it a go with the intention to branch into the local market and local construction companies. This was due to the success that AA Euro had achieved since its incorporation in 2005.

How did you react to the transfer proposal?

I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. I was being given this amazing opportunity with my new employer of 8 months to prove that I could manage a challenge like this. I was also apprehensive as to how would I manage with the language and the different work ethic in a new country.

Did you know the Polish language when you moved?

No I did not know the language apart from the very basic words which I had learnt from working with Polish people since 2005 in Ireland, But those words are best not mentioned here.

Forming an office in a foreign country with a completely foreign language is a challenge. What were the beginnings of AA Euro Recruitment Poland?

It was daunting and a challenge going to a country that I knew very little about let alone the people. I suppose I was fortunate enough that I could choose someone that I had worked with in Ireland to accompany me in this new venture. As I was aware that the project was motorway, I selected a Polish guy who worked for another company at the time to come on board with AA Euro. This guy had vast experience in the construction industry as he was an operator of different plant and knew the requirements and standard that we required. From August 2010 to February 2011 it was just the 2 of us responsible for the start up in Poland until 2011 we recruited a local person who is now responsible for all Administration and HR within Poland. In the first 2 years of being in Poland we worked on over 100km of new motorway in the North of Poland and also 50km in the South with Irish companies. In early 2012 the decision was made that we would start to approach some of the biggest companies in the construction of Motorways and we were successful in signing contracts in the following years with the Companies like Mota-Engil, Strabag, Berger-Bau and Budimex.

Have you had moments of doubt and wanted to return to Ireland?

I do not think I have had moments that I considered returning to Ireland, but I have many moments of doubt. How could an English-speaking person be successful in a country where he does not know the language. But then I realized that I needed to surround myself with people that wanted the same thing as I did for the company (success) Remember that when I came to Poland 2010 Ireland was in the early stages of a recession and things were not looking so good for a return plus I did not want to turn my back on this amazing opportunity that I was given.

Do you remember who was the first employee you employed in Poland and how was recruitment carried out?

Yes. I still remember as if it was yesterday. We went through the same procedure as today and it was difficult as we had some serious requirements and we never thought we would find what we required let alone to find that person and to still have that person with us today after so many years gives testament to the company AA Euro Group.

What was the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge has always been to find the right people to work within our company. After all it is the employees that make a company successful.

How has AA Euro Recruitment Poland developed over the years?

I suppose our biggest advantage is that we have owners who believe in us and never gave up on what the final goal was. (to be successful) and that the opportunities that Poland has to offer were there for us to achieve. Since we arrived in 2010 when we were focused on just the construction industry and with just 1 office to today having 4 offices and a great team to which we hope to develop soon. We are now actively involved in construction, industrial and permanent placements which are all developing at a steady pace now. We also recruit within Poland to send people to other Countries.

How do you work with the Poles?

I think the Polish are very easy to work with and very easy going#.

Is it worth investing in business development on the Polish market?

Absolutely yes. Poland has so much to offer to investors. The development in Poland in the last 10 years has being unprecedented compared to many other countries within the EU. Poland has so much to offer to foreign investors to establish in Poland. Location is what Poland has the most to offer for investors for its geographical location within Europe.

AA Euro Group plans for the future.

To continue to develop and grow to become 1 of the best in Poland.